Ombre beanbag

€ 244

This beanbag in natural shades from light to dark will create a subtle but fabulous detail in any room.

Limited edition!


INNER bag: filled with EPS pearls which make it fit perfectly to your body. What more comfort do you want!

Your home is unique, just like you.  That's why you can order this product in the size that is perfect for you.

Delivery time
My grandmother  used to say, “Be patient. If your food takes long to come out of a restaurant kitchen, it’s a good sign. They’re making it fresh.”
My knitwear is 100% handmade once your order is placed (a.k.a. I get my hands dirty), so waiting times may vary. I’m so grateful for your patience.

Average delivery time for beanbags: 3 weeks

Handmade by Solange
All my creations are made from quality threads which means some of them are quite delicate. Please follow the washing instructions to make sure you’ll be able to love your garment longer!

Use a laundry bag and liquid detergent to wash wool and other delicate fabrics, and turn clothes inside out to help them keep their beautiful colour. A wool brush is your best friend for removing pilling and adding shine!

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