About Me

My quest for nostalgic luxury!

Hi there! I’m Solange, a knitting addict who’s not afraid to admit it. It all started when I was a little girl and I saw my grandmother Mitteke and my mum Vera produce the most exquisite pieces from just wool, fabric and thread. I guess their passion was infectious, because suddenly I found myself creating my own knitwear, which friends and family wore with pride.

So then I started to wonder: are my family, friends and I the only ones who crave handmade quality from the past? Or is this quest for nostalgic luxury something we have in common with others? Before I knew it, my beloved hobby turned into a sample collection that I launched under the ‘Scarves & Stuff by Solange’ label. 

Through this limited edition collection I get to share a passion of generations with everyone who, like me, gets excited over a piece of fashionable, qualitative knitwear. That’s my mission: to unearth people’s desire for an era without mass production by showing them that handmade techniques combined with 21st century design make for quality, luxurious knitwear.

That’s why I only use superior soft quality threads: mohair, 100% merino wool, baby alpaca from Peru and quality synthetic high-quality threads. Combining this quality with contemporary colours and designs results in a stylish edge.

Everything I design is made by hand. That means everything is unique but also means I spend quite a few hours (or days!) in European fashion city Antwerp on each piece. Whether it’s a scarf, a hat, mittens, a cardigan or even a beanbag, you can count on me and my knitting needles spending a lot of quality time together. What is my passion has become my life. ‘Scarves and Stuff by Solange’ is a tribute to my darling sources of inspiration: my grandmother and my mom. They are the women who fuelled this, and now it’s my turn to share our passion with you.

Solange Cools
Solange Cools