• Bolster

    Why not try some woollen ones to make your couch extra comfy? Featured:...

    € 103
  • New Orleans

    Jazz up your look with this beautiful ribbed headband.

    € 45
  • Cameron

    Cameron: when more means more awesome Featured: small-medium

    € 244
  • Velours

    Who says velvet is for interiors only? Featured: small

    € 227
  • OUTFIT 1

    Crisp. Feminine. Fierce. Featured: small and length 110 cm

    € 310
  • Fa Zhou

    Never doubt knitwear being hot.  Featured: small medium

    € 211
  • Easy does it

    Sometimes you just need a little extra layer to finish an outfit....

    € 149
  • Harvey Dent
    Harvey Dent

    This two-toned handmade sweater does not joke around. It's a serious...

    € 202
  • Eskimo

    Wear it as a hood or a snood. In both cases: you will look supercool.

    € 103
  • Galileo

    € 45


Spring in your step

Ah, those first days of blossoming trees and flowers popping up around parks… There’s something about nature’s regrowth that gets me every year again.  I just can’t wait to style knitwear with flowery dresses and chique skirts. What about you?
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Scarves & Stuff grand gift guide

Scarves & Stuff grand gift guide Want to treat your mum, sister or BFF with a beautiful, unique handmade gift this festive season? Here’s my list of favourites from my collection.
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Slow fashion movement: not for the impatient

Patience is not my strongest point. I like it when things get done… fast! I guess I’m a victim of the instant gratification society we live in today – just like you. Except, I feel the complete opposite when it comes to creating handmade knitwear and home decor items. Taking my time to ensure that every loop and stitch is in the right place is paramount to what I do. 
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FW2016: Obscure winter opulence

Guys, it’s finally here: the Scarves & Stuff Fall/Winter collection 2016! I can’t wait for the winter to come along so we can collectively snuggle up in our comfy sweaters, oversized cardigans and capes and enjoy a good night in. This season I was inspired by the bewildering beauty of starry nights and distant mysterious worlds. The colour pallet is an absolute tribute to what we know of… but can’t really see with our own eyes.
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Rebel with a cause

When I first heard of the existence of an inexhaustible, sustainable wardrobe full of quality fashion for an affordable price I squealed with excitement. My prayers had been answered! The first thing I said was: “Where do I sign up?”.  
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Knitwear for a NYE party? Hell, yes!

Are you standing on front of your wardrobe repeating the classic “I’ve nothing to wear” - again? I hear you! New Year’s Eve is a particularly difficult party to dress for: you want to wear something light so you don’t get too hot while you dance the night away, but you don’t want to freeze when you go outside to enjoy those magical fireworks… Some soft, beautiful knitwear is your answer!
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Battling mass production one stitch at a time

I thought it was about time I told you a little more about why I launched the ‘Scarves & Stuff by Solange’ limited edition collection. My mother and grandmother passed down their passion for handmade quality and well… I turned out to be quite the knitting addict too. My friends and family had no option but to submerge into my world of unique, hand knitted scarves, cardigans and sweaters. And they wore them with pride!
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Pop-up store “Pas N’importe Quoi”: not just anything

A few months ago Katrien Smets contacted me with an interesting proposal: she was looking for exciting high-end handmade designers to participate in her fabulous popup concept store Pas N’importe Quoi in Brasschaat. My knitwear collection falls perfectly into those categories and I love all the other brands she was working with, so I didn’t hesitate for a second!
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